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Study links brain scans to genes

Several genes which contribute to brain size have been identified by a consortium called Enigma. Over 30,000 brain scans were compared with people’s DNA, which has located genes which affect the size of structures in the brain as well as its overall volume. Paul Thompson, a neuroscientist who is the

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Ancient apes digested ethanol

Matthew Carrigan at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida, and his co-workers have discovered that ancient apes were able to metabolise ethanol. They acquired this ability around 10 million years ago, which coincides with when they came down from the trees onto the forest floor. They were analysing the gene

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An Introduction to Genetic Engineering

Genetics is a field which has been rapidly changing over the last 60 years, and is greatly improving our knowledge of how physical and behavioural traits are inherited. Scientific and technological advances in genetics has transformed agriculture, biology, medicine, zoology, anthropology, forensic science and more. The ability to design and

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